My friend and I have a bet riding on the answer to this question—if I have an interview on a Friday, do I dress up or wear something casual because the company has ‘Casual Friday’? My friend says I shouldn’t be more dressed up than the interviewer. Who’s right? Thanks, TM in Oklahoma

TM—Thanks for asking this question. You only have one chance to make a first impression.

If a company has a casual Friday and that’s the day of your interview, you should dress up as you would if your interview was on any other day. Companies will relax their dress code for one day because it’s a morale booster for employees—but that rule does not apply to job seekers. Once you’re hired, you can be a part of ‘Casual Friday.’ So you are correct and I think you won that bet!

I respectfully say: Get up, dress up, and show up.

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