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Have Interviews Changed?

Yes—Preparation is the Key to Success

Components of interviews change over time. As a candidate, you will likely encounter a panel interview like the one portrayed in this image. Call us for our insightful and energizing interview and salary coaching that gives you a competitive edge!

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Unemployed Too Long? Did You Know Robots Decide if Your Uploaded Résumé Gets to it's Destination?

We Know What To Do!

We're experts in strategic résumé writing and know what technical aspects are needed for a résumé to travel through an ATS system, then onto HR. Call us for a résumé critique and free consultation.

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Worn Out From Your Job Search?

Most People Are

...and they're unsure of their next steps.
If you're tired of navigating your search alone, or you're not technical but need help with your LinkedIn profile, give us a call —you've found the help you need.


Mountain Road

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
--Corrie ten Boom

What's your best defense in landing a new position or changing careers?  It's compelling documents, expert knowledge, and an edge.

At Celebration Career & Business Support, we are well acquainted with the struggles you face  in a career transition. In the sections above, our introduction answers questions that are most commonly asked by job seekers like yourself. In addition, our services are explained. We hope you find the content helpful. No matter how difficult you feel your challenges may be, we have the utmost confidence that we can help you. 

As a job seeker, you desire to secure meaningful employment at a competitive salary. We have a long history of assisting unemployed persons and those in career transitions with celebratory results.

Make Your Appointment for a Free Telephone Consultation

Our consultation is at no charge and is a relief to those who inquire about our services. We like to speak with you briefly and learn your story, and share how we can help you. It's at that time that we determine the cost and exactly which services you need. Some people need more assistance than others and some, less. Our services are reasonably priced, yet competitive within the industry.

We offer one-on-one services through professional, targeted résumé writing and/or dynamic interview and salary negotiation coaching. All services are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. Each of these crucial services prepare and equip you to achieve your goal of employment or a successful transition to a new position or industry.

Due to our expertise and personalized service, our clients testify to receiving practical and new information they have not known previously, a renewed confidence, and many, many times—the position for which they targeted. We are grateful that we have become a trusted advisor, which is why our clients continue to refer their family and friends.

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