I’ve been wondering about the answer to this question for a long time. I’ve always heard that I should send a thank you to the person I interview with. Does it matter if I send an email or thank you card? Thank you. Luis, CA

Dear Luis—

Thanks for asking. Yes, it definitely matters. It makes a big difference to an employer when a candidate takes the time to send a brief, handwritten note. Emails can be accidently deleted or passed over, while a card mailed to a hiring manager’s address will get much attention.

Recently, I coached a client and she applied for her dream job at a big university—her alma mater. She sent a thank you card after her interview and landed the position. Six months after she was hired, her boss told her that during decision time, there were two candidates; both were qualified. She sent a thank you card and the other candidate did not. That was the deciding factor for the hiring manager!


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