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Contingency Recruitment & Direct Hire Placement

Our contingency search consists of locating, screening, and conducting interviews for your direct hire placements, and facilitating the introduction in presenting top quality candidates for your review.

When meeting with employers, we take the time to learn about the nature of the available position, the details of the job description, the qualifications of the individual you need and want to hire, as well as your company culture and team environment.

Our priority is gaining your trust and serving you.

Hiring Celebration Career & Business Support allows your valuable time to be spent on operating your business.

We are highly experienced recruiters and career experts who will search for the right candidate possessing the necessary skills and exemplifying a strong work ethic. Our service saves you countless hours in conducting searches, and eliminates the process of spending time with unqualified prospects and uninterested parties.

Our assessment process consists of, but is not limited to the following:

  • Conducting initial telephone interviews and thorough face-to-face meetings with candidates
  • Thorough verification of past employment and references
  • Discerning assessments through polished, exploratory questioning
  • Scheduling and confirming appointments with candidates before your interview

Our direct hire placements are performed on a contingency fee basis.

After presenting you with qualified applicants and your decision whom you wish to hire, we'll work in tandem with your Human Resources department as much as you'd like, to facilitate a smooth onboarding for your staff and the new hire.

Thank you and we look forward to having a conversation with you.

Please Contact Us to discuss our contingency search services.