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Professionals, Executives, Job Seekers 50+, Military Veterans, College Students — We Assist Everyone!

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Celebration Career & Business Support specializes in providing dynamic services necessary for your career or business, combined with engaging client service, positioning you for success.

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Hope is in Your Future

The Future is Today

There comes a time when you may need direction and guidance in your career.
We specialize in providing compelling résumé documents written in the employers' industry language—and offer dynamic interview coaching, combined with real hope, which many of our clients report is life-changing.

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Business Days Are Full of Decisions...

We Can Help

Celebration Career & Business Support stands ready to come alongside employers to assist you in recruitment, outplacement transition coaching for potential laid off employees, and polished and persuasive business writing.


Our expertise is in providing professional services for job seekers and employers in the Greater Houston area and the U.S.and Canada.

Our business philosophy combines a sincere desire to professionally meet your career and business support needs

with integrity and personalized one-on-one service. Gift certificates are available for graduations, birthdays, or any occasion.


We offer one-on-one support through professional, strategic résumé writing, dynamic interview and salary coaching, and social media profile development.


We provide professional recruitment services, dynamic outplacement transition coaching for employees experiencing layoffs, and polished business writing.


Liz Searcy is an experienced, highly skilled, and talented resume writer and career coach. I initially connected with Liz in 2016 with the goal of updating my resume. As an executive sales manager at a flagship NYC department store with accomplishments and award recognition, I wanted to take my career to the next level.

Major Role at Domestic/Global Nonprofit
Southern U.S.


Any veteran looking for a revised resume for either a corporate or federal position should look no further than Liz at Celebration Career.

Aaron Henao
Construction Control Representative
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Liz changed the direction of my future. There are not enough words to express my respect for her professional experience, and my appreciation for her tireless commitment towards a successful outcome for me. I highly recommend her to anyone in a career transition.

M. Jensen
Administrative Associate III
Top-Tier University, Texas

Liz and team are an accomplished group of professionals. They were able to articulate my skills and accomplishments beautifully and write a resume that highlights my career and accomplishments.

Suvo Nandi, MBA

...The results were staggering! I applied to 84 jobs, and secured 14 next step processes, 13 of which led to interviews, four of which led to onsite interviews. One onsite interview led to two offers for jobs that I actually wanted at a company I really respected.  More than one in five of my resume submissions caught an actual recruiter’s interest and response...

Joe Armstrong, Reliability Engineer
Rockwell Collins

...I can say that I owe much of my success in this area to Liz and her direction with my resume writing and interview and salary coaching. Now I am earning twice what I made at my last job!... 

Angela Tanase, LMSW Emergency Center Social Worker
Top Ranked Children's Hospital

...I've been trying to get out of retail and become an analyst at a corporate office, using my master's degree from Tulane University. Liz absolutely helped me make it happen. I look forward to working with her throughout my professional career.

Jin, Operations Analyst
Private Consulting Company

...Thank you for all your work on my behalf throughout these 20 years. Your motivation and instruction has been so valuable and helped me advance in my career to this next step. God has blessed me with my own business!

Michele Caldwell, Principal
Houston Web Design and Hosting, Inc.

Recently I read a quote on a Dayspring Lighthouse calendar stating that God will always give you enough light to take the next step in your life. A few years ago I was laid off for the third time in five years and this time it lasted for 32 months. My career seemed to lack direction. I had the faith that God would take care of me—I just did not know where to turn next...

                                                                                Jim R. Smith, Expeditor
                                                                     Major Terminal & Pipeline Company

After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Biochemistry, I was expecting several months of hunting, but instead I found myself accepting a Manufacturing Laboratory Technician position for DuPont within two months!

The resume you wrote for me was picked out of the hundreds of possible applicants, which speaks volume for your talent...

                                                            Dakota Sena, Manufacturing Laboratory Technician

                             ...Embrace the adventure of career exploration with Liz and Celebration Career & Business Support
                                                                             and discover a new world waiting for you!

                                                                        Luanne E. Walling, Office Assistant
                                                                            Drucker, Rutledge & Smith, LLP

The Celebration team was concise. Working with Liz and the team helped me to understand my own skill set and passion. From their service, I immediately received job inquiries via LinkedIn about new opportunities and interview requests from submitted applications.

Executive HR Professional
Houston, TX

We're grateful that you stopped by to visit us today and appreciate your time and consideration!