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Everyone has the ability to shine brighter

I Think I Need Help Interviewing. What Can I Do?

Everyone can improve their communication when interviewing. Maybe you've just been laid off or had your employment terminated through unpleasant circumstances and are not sure what to do next.

Are you changing careers? Are you getting calls but few interviews? We are advisors and help you through difficult circumstances. Plus, by implementing our proven methods, your interviews will likely increase and new employment may be realized much more quickly.

Our interview and salary negotiation coaching is a powerful, content-rich, 2.5 hour session delivered by telephone and/or Zoom. (with a break between the hours). You do not have to travel anywhere for the coaching—a relief to most candidates because of their schedules.

Years may have passed since you have had to sit down with a prospective employer and you may feel uneasy about interview questions and how you will respond during the process.

We coach you how to present yourself in an interview in all aspects, increasing confidence and the chance for successful results.

I'm Nervous About How to Answer Salary Questions

Most job seekers tell us they feel very uncomfortable when they think about having to discuss salary. This topic must be talked about with knowledge of the current market and confidence of your worth.

At Celebration Career & Business Support, our coaching is designed to eliminate fear from the interview process by teaching you critical and necessary strategies that are easy to remember and implement. Clients are amazed and delighted at the easy-to-understand information and come away with a renewed confidence, looking forward to an interview because they are well prepared.

Individuals between jobs can benefit from our very practical, 'how-to' approach through our engaging, comprehensive interview and salary negotiation coaching. We make it fun, not boring. This session is a must for anyone who will be interviewing.

Here are the very desirable topics we cover during the session:

  • How to Position & Prepare Yourself for Employment
  • Dynamic 'How-to' Techniques on Phone & Face-to-Face to Advance You in Landing
  • How to Get Interviews No One Else is Getting
  • What's an Applicant Tracking System & Why Should I Care?
  • In-depth Coaching with Techniques for Any Telephone Interview
  • The Correct Way to Interact with Recruiters & Insider Tips
  • Where Are the Jobs? How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
  • In-depth Coaching with Techniques for Any Face-to-Face Interview—Including Panels of More Than One
  • Getting Noticed: How a LinkedIn Profile Complements Your Job Search—Plus Instructions and Details
  • Recognizing the Great Mistake You Can't Afford to Make
  • Mock interview Session, Critiques, and Coaching with Behavioral Questions Asked in Interviews
  • Explanation of a Company's Recruiting Cycle, Calls for Interviews, & Waiting Time
  • The BIG Question—Why Most Never Ask It, and How You Can
  • The Salary Triangle: Etiquette, Discussions, & Negotiation
  • How to Land the Job and Accept an Offer

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