I’ve been told that I need to place a photo on my LinkedIn profile. Why do I need it and is this true? Thank you-Jennifer, San Antonio, Tx

Hi Jennifer—Yes, it’s true and very critical to your job search. Approximately 80% of employers view a LinkedIn profile when considering an applicant. They expect to see a photo on your profile which completes it. Along with the content on your profile, employers want to know if you have a professional image.

Your photo should be a head shot from the shoulders up and taken in front of a neutral background. A digital camera will do but no selfies, please! I have seen profile photos which include people at the beach, with their pet, and even in a bar. Your photo should contain only your likeness and dressed up as you would if you were walking into an interview.

Place your photo there and I’m confident you’ll get more response and chances to interview.

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