Interview & salary coaching

Set yourself apart from your competition

We welcome your inquiry in order to assist your former employees with outplacement transition coaching that will position them for interviews and offers, while imparting hope and encouragement for future success. We are experienced and dynamic outplacement career coaches, résumé writers, and recruiters with clients in Houston and across the U.S.

Many employees have not interviewed for long period of time and welcome the opportunity to have assistance. They will learn how to present themselves in an interview in all aspects, increasing confidence and the chance for successful landing. In addition, they will benefit from our very practical 'how-to' approach through our engaging, fun and interactive sessions.

Your former employees will be assigned a career coach and advocate for a specific time frame within a number of telephone coaching sessions, making it very convenient for their schedules, regardless of where they live.

Here are some of the very desirable topics we cover:

  • How to position yourself for employment after a layoff
  • In-depth interview with the job seeker—approximately one hour
  • The writing their new, modern and strategic résumé and cover letter—Yes, we actually write the résumé documents for them!
  • The correct way to interact with recruiters with inside tips
  • In-depth proven techniques for any telephone interview
  • Where are the jobs? How to tap into the hidden job market
  • Deepening knowledge and proven techniques for any face-to-face interview and panels
  • Sending a résumé through the Applicant Tracking System so it reaches HR
  • Extensive mock interviews using behavioral questions asked in interviews today, with constructive critiques for correct answers
  • Recognizing the 'Great Mistake You Can't Afford to Make'
  • Strategic marketing techniques on contacting and networking with decision makers
  • The BIG question—why most never ask it and how you can!
  • Recommendations and instructions on building and/or enhancing LinkedIn profiles
  • Elevated knowledge and coaching on salary etiquette and protocol, negotiations, and acceptance of offers
  • Q & A regarding any career topic or challenge

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