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Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.
--Corrie ten Boom

For Job Seekers

At Celebration Career & Business Support, we are well acquainted with the struggles you face as a job seeker. In this section our introduction answers questions that are most commonly asked of our career counselors and writers. In addition, our services are explained. Please feel free to contact us at any time.  

Emotions and Job Loss / Transitions
You may be experiencing the loss of a job, or interested in changing careers. Perhaps you need interview coaching because confidence eludes you, or career counseling because life has changed and you feel disinterested in your occupation.

No matter what your station in life, we thank you for taking the time to stop by and gathering this vital information that will give you direction and guidance. We offer a free telephone consultation and look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you may have.   

The highs and lows endured during the absence or loss of employment can be compared to a roller coaster, which bring a host of emotions along for the ride. Accompanied by fear, doubt, and uncertainty, you may feel unsure where to begin. No matter what stage of life or circumstance you find yourself in, be assured—you have worth. Your skills are valuable and there is hope for you as you transition to find the right position for your skill set.

Résumé Packages & Companion Services
We write professional résumé packages for individuals residing in any state, regardless of their education or background, and always present the truth.

All packages include your résumé, cover letter and reference page. We work with all levels of individuals who trust us to write their résumés showcasing their experience in the most strategic way possible. Our clients consist of both degreed and non-degreed individuals in the following levels.

Executive • Professional • Mid-Level • Entry-Level • College Graduate • Student

We also write for people with disabilities or who have experienced long lapses of unemployment. Everyone deserves to have an appropriate résumé to submit to a prospective employer.

Our personalized services are designed to work together cohesively to provide you the knowledge you need while building confidence to carry out your job search and ultimately end unemployment.

Why Hire Someone Else to Write My Résumé?
In our professional opinion, we believe an individual should not write his or her own résumé because it is difficult to be objective about oneself. Many individuals struggle to write their own résumé while in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. The last thing most people want to do is tackle a writing project that must “boast” about them, however promoting yourself in an accurate way is exactly what a résumé must do.

A professional résumé is a necessary tool that serves as your first impression to a potential employer who has never met you. The end result is for the résumé to convince an employer that he should contact you because you may be the right candidate.     

The writing should always be strategic and well written with the employer in mind. Correct grammar and sentence structure is essential and a striking format is needed for visual appeal. Accomplishing this is normally a challenging undertaking for any job seeker, which is why we urge you to contact us for a free telephone consultation.

It is also very common for job seekers to have a friend or relative write their résumé, thinking it will save on the cost to have one professionally written. Initially, hopes are high. When several weeks or months elapse with little or no interviews being secured, it is clear that the documents have not performed. Financial times grow grim. Many of our clients have had this experience prior to hiring us and have found tremendous relief once they have decided to leave their burden at our doorstep.    

Why Struggle? Hire Us
All résumé services include a one-on-one, personal interview with you in order to learn the specific facts about you, your employment history, education, and background. Prior to speaking to you, we will send you a checklist to help you prepare for our questions. Our clients like this because it helps them to organize their thoughts and jogs their memory about past job descriptions.

Interviews are conducted by telephone or face-to-face, and are scheduled by appointment. We can work with anyone regardless of where they live.

Rates for our résumé packages are dependent upon your level of experience and length of your work history. Our rates are reasonable, yet competitive within the market. We thank you in advance for contacting us about your particular situation. With our expertise, we are confident we can help you.

What if I Need Help Interviewing?
How Do I Talk About Salary?
Our interview and salary negotiation coaching empowers individuals with practical application, increasing confidence and the chance for successful results.

Years may have passed since you have had to sit down with a prospective employer and you may feel uneasy about what questions could be asked and how you would respond during the process. Are you getting calls but few interviews? By implementing a simple proven method, your interviews are sure to increase. All job seekers can benefit from our practical, “how-to” approach through our 90-minute interview and salary negotiation coaching.

Interview and Salary Negotiation Coaching
Our interview and salary negotiation coaching is a powerful, face-to-face session lasting 90 minutes. The session is designed to eliminate fear from the interview process by teaching you innovative strategies that are easy to remember and implement. Clients come away with a renewed confidence and look forward to an interview because they are well prepared. This session is a must for anyone interviewing.
Here are the desirable topics we cover during the session:
  • Do What the Masses Don’t Do; An Introduction to Your Strategy  
  • How to Get Interviews No One Else is Getting
  • The Joys & Pitfalls of the Telephone Interview
  • Recognizing the Great Mistake You Can't Afford to Make 
  • Hiring Manager or Hired Hand?
  • Going for the Gold; How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
  • The Face-to-Face Interview
  • One or More: The Panel Interview
  • How to Assert Yourself the Right Way
  • The BIG Question—Why Most Never Ask It, and How You Can!
  • Salary Etiquette
  • To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate—That is the Question! 
  • How to Land the Job and Accept an Offer

Please Contact Us to schedule your interview and salary negotiation coaching.

Career Counseling
At Celebration Career & Business Support we offer a two-hour, face-to-face career counseling session held in split sessions that provides guidance and hope for a new direction.

Although we do general career counseling throughout our time working with you, this service is specifically designed for people who have had significant struggles in knowing what specific job or career to pursue. We help you achieve clarity, direction, and focus through various strategies that discover inherent talents and abilities that translate to another field.  

During the second session you will receive a well-researched, written summary of job possibilities for you to pursue based on assessments that are made about your talents and experience. With a new focus you can pursue new avenues. We then write you a powerful résumé with your new goals at the forefront.  

If you live outside of Houston Texas arrangements can be made for the session to be done by telephone. 

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Recruitment Services
Many job seekers want help marketing themselves to potential employers and as your recruiter, we can assist you in presenting you to those decision-makers. Are you one of those individuals? Since we are working with you already, we have come to know your background and education, as well as your personality. If we have not worked with you before now, we would welcome a conversation with you to learn about your experience and goals you are hoping to achieve.

Search consultants and recruiters work best with a candidate (the job seeker) who is really motivated to find the right employment versus a candidate who wants to wait awhile before pursuing a position. In addition, there is a mutual trust that needs to develop between the recruiter and candidate in order for a successful outcome. 

We specialize in contingency placement, more commonly known as permanent placement. We are not a temporary agency and therefore do not place individuals in temporary or temp-to-perm positions, although sometimes we will make special arrangements to place you by partnering with other agencies who may have that type of specific opening.

When we engage in a discussion with a client (the employer) about a candidate, it is for a permanent position. After discussions and interviews, the employer agrees to pay our fee, contingent on whether he hires someone we present. There is never a cost to you, the candidate.

Please Contact Us to discuss our recruitment services.